The Twilight Saga

Hehe! I couldn't help myself from making this! There are just too many characters that are adorable, whether it's in their actions or looks...

SO! List the characters that you think are cutest here! :D

(I will be doing so)

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That's awesome! :D

hehehe.... can't play kill or die without weapons!

One time I will EVER compliment Hetalia... EVER:

Kiku Honda (japan)

aaaand Ivan Braginsky (Russia)

though GOD the animation sucks...


Claus from Last Exile!

GRIMMJOW <3 As in .... GRIMMJOW lol <3 

hahaha yay Grimmy! *can't stop staring atthe gif for some reason*

Because the second image in the gif is so sexy thats why <3 and they only show it for a fraction of a second so your subcnsious mind is all "NO MUST WATCH IN ORDER TO HAVE MORE" er i mean 

its very flashy :)

Yes... very flashy, indeed, no?


Very, very flashy. O.O

^^ i cant wait for the new chapter :3 Kubo-sensie left us on a cliff hanger witch Ichigo being a .... Ichigo...

Being a... Ichigo is a very good term for it, yes. He has moments where I want to strangle him, y'know? And others he's kinda cute.

Haha there is no other term FOR it even if you looked for one ^^

Yeah I dunno I was just like KUBO-SENSIE GIVE MY GRIMMY BACK >: the entire chapter and NO arrancar appearnce whatsoever :\ kinda dissapointed then again he said this arc was going to be longer than the arrancar arc (which was four years) and since grimm can apear in any of those four years im just gonna have to be pacient

I have a LOT to add to my list! So here it goes!


L (Death Note)

Light (Death Note)

Yagami RaitoI couldn't help but use this...

Sieran (Barajou No Kiss)

Tags: Anime, Scan, Manga Cover, Shouoto Aya, Barajou No Kiss

Mutsuki (Barajou No Kiss)

Tags: Anime, Scan, Shouoto Aya, Barajou No Kiss, Kurama Mutsuki

Kaede (Barajou No Kiss)

Higa Kaede

Ikuto (Shugo Chara)

Tags: Anime, Shugo Chara!, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Yoru, Screenshot

Tadase (Shugo Chara)

Tags: Anime, Shugo Chara!, Peach-Pit, Tadase Hotori, Shugo Chara! Illustrations 2

Ninufa :P (Barajou No Kiss (He's adorable...I couldn't help myself xD)

Hikaru and Kauru (Ouran)

Tags: Anime, Ouran High School Host Club, Hitachiin Kaoru, Hitachiin Hikaru, Hitachiin Twins

Kaname (Vampire Knight)

Vampire Knight

Ichijo (Vampire Knight)

Shiki (Vampire Knight)

Matt (Death Note)



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