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This is a place where you can submit any fan-art you have for any anime!


here is one of mine:)


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i Love Black Butler

Kyo and Yuki from Fruits Basket.  Drawn a while ago.  :)

♥ ♥ ♥ 

C U T E!!

This isn't really fan art...Just an anime girl that I drew :) Sorry it's bad quality- I had to take it with my phone. xD

This is great Misuto.! lol Someone had a Vocaloid bag at my school, and I asked about it and when I said the name of it she looked at me like, what is that.? I'm like omg, how can she own it and not know what it is from...but oh well. that happens alot lol.

Thanks Scarlett! A Vocaloid bag? O.o I need one. O./p>

How dare she not know what Vocaloid is and have a Vocaloid bag! Shame, shame...

Ikr.! Thankfully my friends pulled me away before I went rambling on about that lol

I wouldn't have let my friends drag me away I would've given her a whole speech on what it is and how she shouldnt have it if she doesn't know what it is.

hope everyone likes it^^

has anyone seen K-On?




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