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This is a place where you can submit any fan-art you have for any anime!


here is one of mine:)


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Okay, as soon as I find my favorite sketchbook (Out of the lot that I have) I will post my favorite drawings...(Most of them involve Hatsune Miku) :D

Miku Banner!

Luka Banner!

thanks^^ i draw that a couple of years ago...:)

That's cool! :D


this is a picture that I fiddled around with for a bit. I didn't draw it, only edited.

All these fan arts are so KAWAII and amazing!!

Konnichiwa, I'm new to this group^^

I have made some banners,

These two are pretty old, almost a year back.

These are mixture of old and new

The last one is a few months old, but took me a lot of time to do it.

some more,

For Behind The Lyrics comp.

DMC was a collab between Mistress and I.

This is a rather new one. Coz I love Roy and Riza.

Darker than Black is a few months old.

The bottom FMA banner is new, top one is again a few months old.


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