The Twilight Saga

So, we've all likely picked favorites.  Tell us yours!



At the moment, mine are Full Metal Alchemist, Kuroshitsuji, and Bleach.  FMA's my number one, though.

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tehehe!  Oh dear, Grimmy being dragged to a mall... poooor patrons.
EAKKK <3 GRIMMY AT A MALL SO CUTE *i can just imagine me being all YAY along with like every other girl and the non-bleach fans all: AHH SOMEONES DESTROYING THE Mall!*

Omg, that would be funny! Then he crashs into the women's section.  ;D


EVERYONE WOULD BE SOO HAPPY <3 *well every un-sane person would be*

hmmm....I have yet to watch so many anime that I want to see...


But i love Death Note, both anime and manga.


Wolf's Rain is OK...


Soul Eater

Kuroshitsuji (Now, how could I have forgotten about that one?)

Bleach!! I could never live without it xD

- Naruto

- Fairy Tail

Deathnote, at the moment, but I like just about any anime! :)


"Blood +, Queen's Blade, Rosario + Vampire & Wolf's Rain."


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