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Just a disscusion on you favorite manga vs your favorite anime. The only rules here are that the manga you pick must have an anime made of it, and the anime you pick must be bassed off a manga that way when you are explaining, you can tell why  you like the anime/manga better than the manga/anime *depending on what you pick*


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My favorite manga from all time would have to be Bleach by Tite Kubo (btw happy late birthday kubo-sensie), Bleach is an amazing series, the world just gets bigger and bigger, and unlike One Piece or Fairy Tale nothing ever semes to happen twice. Ever, its one of those mangas were, just as you think something is about to repeat itself something completely different happens. This is also the manga were i first fell in love with a character, personsonally I feel like Kubo-sensie makes amazingly well rounded characters, in Bleach all the characters seem to have both good and bad to them, even the Espada whom were supposed to  be hollow, heartless, and killers, had something that touched the reader and made them feel bad for the character (except maybe Nnorita) for at least a fraction of a second. He also somehow manages to make his characters seem very human, seem just like us, even though they have powers and whatnot. And i think that's why I like Bleach so much it's very relate-able. Now the anime is not good, I'm not going to say I don't like the anime, but bluntly it pisses me off, the only  part of the anime I like are the filler seasons (seriously the only part of the Bleach anime I watch) they change alot in the anime,and somehow not that much at teh same time. Its like watching two versions of Bleach and yet, watching the same show. Hard to explain but it's deffiently werid in Hunter's oppinion, and I just dislike the anime period. The manga is better. Fair and square. (Another show/manga that's like this is DOGS: Bullets & Carnage but I'm not going there right now...)

Now for my favorite anime, gah there's so many but I'm going to have to go with Hakuouki, Hakuouki is one of those weird animes that was based off a game, and the manga got released after the anime came out. Since Hakuouki is originally a dating game, and depending on who you  pick, your 'path' is different, I really like how the animators (who did the most splendid job I have ever seen in anime) found a way to incorporate a bit of every single one of the paths without making Chizuru (the main girl) seem like a badperson (for lack of a better word) who just cheats on everyone. [[You know, like  in how some shows 3 guys like the same girl but then the girl doesnt know who she likes back and you as a watcher/reader get mad at her and are like 'the obvious choice is THUS one!' ... sorry #korrafeels]] Even though it is obvious in the anime that most of the men (yes they are all men {except adorable Todou who is 17-18}) like Chizuru (if not all the men), you can tell that (just like in the game) they will each try their best to do what they can for her, if she needs someone to be her father figure, one of them will take that role, even though he loves her as more than just a father. And thats probably why, even though in Hakuouki everyone picks a certain person they want Chizuru to end up with, you cannot, and I mean simply cannont NOT like the rest of them, because of how amazing they are.

Alright DONE!

All right, so, I hope this one counts since it's more of a movie than an anime... >.>


My favorite manga is easily Alice in the Country of Hearts by QuinRose. Since it's based off of a series of dating games, it's quite difficult to not like all of them...I mean, seriously, they're all pretty cute bishis. I have a knack for anything Alice in Wonderland related, so Alice in the Country of Hearts caught my eye when I first saw it on an app that I had. I read the first volume on that app, and than moved to actually buying it. The characters in it may not have the best background stories, but I love how they all have their own personalities that stand out. Not only that, but I have a love for characters who are a tad bit sadistic, and all of them are--even Alice. The manga has a nice flow to it (in my opinion) but I still wish it were longer. There's no real bad guy in Country of Hearts, which makes it stand out a bit. But, even if the manga is great, I absolutely DESPISE the movie that was made for it. To put it simply; It sucks. I watched the whole thing and as soon as I got ten minutes into it, I wanted to stop watching it. But, of course, i thought it would get better. It didn't. There was too much going on in that small two hours, and it kept going back and forth from scene to scene. If you were just going to watch the movie and not read the manga, you would have been awfully confused and probably wouldn't have even picked any of the volumes up after watching it. Not to mention there was this annoying time lapse that last thirty seconds and came around every five minutes. Overall, the manga was great, but the movie for it sucked. (By the way, I claim Boris. He's mine.)


Now for my favorite anime, Death Note. Death Note was the very first anime I had ever watched from beginning to end, and it was also the first time where I felt myself not knowing who to love, and who to be against. At first, I absolutely LOVED Light and thought that he was going to go to good places with idea to make the world a better place. And then he went all psycho, and started killing innocent people who stood in his way. That's when I started liking L and his love for sweets. The characters in DN all had a lot of development, too. I was first attracted to it when I saw that in the title it said "Death" (Don't blame me, I'm a weird person) and that it was under the category of Psychological. Not many anime or manga that I have ever seen really ever played out that psychologial part of it and made me think, like Death Note did. Countless times I wanted to know what happened, and countless times I was wrong. Like in almost all anime, there's a relief character, and in this it was Misa Amane. She was so delightfully stupid at some times that it made me laugh. Now onto why I like the anime better than the manga. Maybe it's just one of those things where I like the anime better because I saw it first, maybe it's not. It's hard for me to choose. But, in the anime I felt that it was better for reasons that I have no idea how to explain. I guess it's sort of because in the anime it played out Light's growing insanity better. I still love both, don't get me wrong.


That was hard for me to choose! I love so many, and most of the time like both the manga and the anime that go along with it. o.o


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