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So, i know we've all got at least a crush or two... so if you could, what ONE anime character would you like to pair yourself with of all time? Their name, their fandom, why, and a pic if you'd like!  have fun!

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Mine came down to two but I ended up deciding on Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!.

Shizuo has a very good intent and is rather alone, the poor thing.  We have similar basic personality types.  Yes, I know he has anger issues, but I'm an extremely careful person in nature, as well as an accepting/forgiving one.  So I think not only could we compliment each other, I may see the good in him, and he may also feel better about his whole "I'm a bad person" thing with someone willing to accept that in his life.  And, again, our personality types mesh.


Haha I LOVE HIM you meanie lol X) dont steal him away from Izaya!!

Ooo... stealing Izaya's man.... perhaps a bad idea... Eh, in that case, Shizu-chan probably wasn

t looking at me in the first place. Oh well. *sigh*

Oh God, I'm dreading saying this...

Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket.

like funny characters like him ((even if he's perverted)). He's a memorable character and there are a lot of moments in the anime when he says stuff that I would say. Even though he is mostly a funny character he is a kind and caring. I got upset when I saw him saying sorry to Tohru! We do and at the same time don't have the same personality traits but I absolutely love him. Okay I think I'm not making sense so I'm just going to give the picture now:

Aww, Gure-san's cute, I don't blame you! :)

Haha okay I REALLLLLLY want to say Todou Hisuke from Hakuouki but my heart densest let me so here we go: though its kind of obvious


Grimmjow Jaggerjack from Bleach by Tite Kubo. Tite wrote two of the most interesting story lines in my opinion, his first (and unfinished work) being Zombie Powder and his second world wide phenomenon being Bleach. Bleach is a very likeable series because everyone isn't just black (bad) or white (good) (haha though in Bleach its reversed since the Espada are the ones who wear white lol). Grimmjow and his "partner" (or whom the fans agree is his non-official partner) Ulquiorra are both quite unique. While one may argue that Grimmjow is a bloodthirsty demon I would like to see the contrary, Grimm is actually very civil, he will not fight seriously unless he knows the opponent is of his skill level, and not only that but he has very "warrior"-like morals that actually seem to come form the old Japanese Senshigumi morals which I found quite reverent and honest of Grimmjow, since dying in battle is really an honorable way to die. Though his morals and extraordinary killing skills are not the only reason I love my Grimm. In my opinion he's also very cute, his impatience is quite cute, Grimmjow seems to have a short temper, but he is so honest in it that its just plain adorable. He will never not admit something. Even with Orihime whom was a prisoner in Las Noches, Grimmjow told her everything truthfully and plain and simple. I like that, how he can be so honest and blunt and not care at all what other people will think of him. I think that attitude can also be conveyed as arrogant by some people, but with Grimmjow i think its a very positive trait that makes him admirable.Things in common with the kitty? Well I think the fact we both have an exceptionally dry sense of humor might help out a bit. Sarcasm totally, we like the color blue ^^, and the fact that we both don't like to loose (though i don't think this would really help with couple arguments... humm). Where we complement each other? While Grimm does everything on instinct, I usually think out my murders plans. He doesn't take direction well, and I do ( well... usually). 


We share the same thoughts!! xD


I like your thought process.  Ha, while as a character I admire and adore all those things of Grimmjow... I know that due to his ego and extreme confidance, I'd write him off as a jerk if we knew each other.  But anyway, love the passion you've shown for him and I LOVE how deeply you see him--I love when people look into characters like that.-- no, scratch that. I love when people look deeply into ANY person, real or unreal.  Not to mention I agree.  Grimmy dear pwns.


Aww thanks everyone ^^ and Eggs my dear i think we're gonna be great friends ^^


@ Venomania: well i wouldn't be suprized Grimmy was the first anime character I fell in love with, and the only one ive fallen deeply for

Ahhh.  My first was Zero from VK, oddly.  Then Shizu-chan hahah.  Well, hope you and Grimm end up happy ;)

Aww Thank you X)


[haha no way zero was my second X) ]


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