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So, i know we've all got at least a crush or two... so if you could, what ONE anime character would you like to pair yourself with of all time? Their name, their fandom, why, and a pic if you'd like!  have fun!

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Haha, 's'okay, Understandable. Shizuo moments happen to us all :D 

Yeah, I'm a little discouraged by the length, not to mention I generally perfer either darker animes or ones with... hard to describe, but a certain feel. Y'know?

Hahaha way ahead of you! LOVE Hell Girl. <3 

I started it  while ago and still havent finished it, but I plan to!

xD Shizu-chan is pretty amazing... For a subhuman :P

Though I'm an oddball as far as Shizuo fans go...

It's amazing!! I like Rin <3 haha ^_^

Ahh, I did that with D.Gray-Man xD It's still on my waiting list O.O

He is <3

Ahaha, and odd-ball fan for one odd-ball character, I suppose (Though, perhaps ill-tempered would be better then odd-ball character... O.o)

meaning I'm weird as I'm one of few I've met that DON'T ship him with Izaya. (For the reasons that 1. Neither of them seem gay, 2. Neither of them could bottom in my eyes and 3. I like Izaya with Namie.)

I think oddball is more Izaya *nod nod*

As for Shizuo, I'd say 'unfortunate.' he's a good guy with an uncontrollable genetic fluke that causes him to be violent and hurt people even though he hates violence. Poor baby.

This is Akihisa Yoshii and I love and adore him! He's from the "Baka and Tests - Summon the Beasts" I just love his character and attitude and all that!

Hehe. Has to be Edward from Full Metal Alchemist. :) I'v loved him since I started watching the show! Even if he is short, hes still my anime prince. :D

BELPHEGOR <33333333333333333333 ^^

Grimmy? Posted Again. Because you can never have to many jaguars :3

There are just too many bishies out there for a fangirl to pick one. >___> But after going through about nth number of guys, I pick Romano (S. Italy) from Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Romano is basically a tsundere. He's brash, vulgar, doesn't think things through very well, uses his favorite food - tomatoes - as weapons, and is deep down a coward and a wimp. And he cracks me up every time he appears. Now, I really like characters that can entertain me. And I mean, how could I forget the episode he met Germany, where he whipped out a fake moustache, held it up in front of Germany, and started pointing and laughing at how stupid it looked on Germany, without realizing Romano himself looked like he was wearing it from Germany's angle? And when he realized it, how he cried and N. Italy had to comfort him? At first I thought he was just a comic relief sort of character (he kind of is) but the episode about his past gave me more insight on him. I felt so sad watching Romano - who, really, as the southern half of the country, should be just as important as his brother, the northern half of Italy - get pushed to the side because between them his brother was the favorite of the Holy Roman Empire. In those rare, vulnerable moments where he reveals his inferiority complex compared to his brother, I feel like giving him a giant hug, and I'm not even a hugging person (plus he'd probably blush like one of those tomatoes he loves to eat and push me off) ^^'''


Could I possibly change mine? Cough.....
Cause I'd really love to! I just picked up Alice in the Country of Hearts for the fifth time and remembered my dear Boris <3 andallthetimesIfantasizedabouthim....


(btw romeo {romano} amazing choice but i woul pick gilbert {prussia} from hetalia)

BUT SERIOUSLY MISUTO JUST NOW?! (gahiloveaceandheartandasjklfjasklfj)

Pfft! No! Did you notice I said "for th fifth time"? Cause I ALWAYS read it! :D would be Charles from Blood+...he'sjustsodamncuteandevil...


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