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So, i know we've all got at least a crush or two... so if you could, what ONE anime character would you like to pair yourself with of all time? Their name, their fandom, why, and a pic if you'd like!  have fun!

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That's it, I have to change mine...*.*


Okay, so my ideal anime mate would have to be Boris Airay (I have this strange addiction to cat boys <3) from Alice in the Country of Hearts. As much as I think he's adorable, I like his personality just the same. He's a very loyal cat whom loves his firearms xD. Which I don't mind at all, because I'm a fan of shooting a pistol at a target whenever I can. When Alice told him to try not to get hurt, he tried his best, which proves his loyalty, but along with that, he tried protecting her when Ace went all psycho and was going to kill her. As much as he was in pain at that time, he still persisted in getting to the Clock Tower to warn her. Boris is my favorite character in the series, as well as my favorite character of all time.

I mean, seriously, who could resist him when he has a fluffy tail and ears?

i love boris and how does he take care about alice feelings 

if you liked heart no kuni no alice you should reed clover no kuni no alice cheshire neko to waltz

it talks about the relation between boris and alice

i also love the bloody twins


I would like to pair Kagome from InuYasha. She is a warrior and very good looking.

"Italy! Nah it'd have to be Ja Chi-Ho from Love In The Mask manga. The main character turned him down even when he tried to help her. Plus he is funny, cute and knows how to fight. Unless he gets angry."

"But I can't pick an ANIME one, I can only pick a MANGA guy."

Oh no... Do I have to chose one? That's sooo hard. It actually depends on my mood. xD
Right now, I would go with Syo Kurusu. Kyaa~ He's so cute! He is from Uta No Prince-sama which is both an anime and a visual novel. He's very energetic and outgoing. I love his fashion sense and how he isn't afraid to be himself. He also plays violin which I think is amazing (because I play violin too and I don't know a lot of guys who play violin). He's really short though T.T Apperantly, hes 5'3. I'm 5'7. Oh well, he is still really cute! I love how he gets mad when people point out his shortness. xD

zaraki kenpachi

Zaraki Kenpachi from bleach~! <3

He's 6'7 and that's really tall. Perfect height in my opinion and he has awesome abilities and he's extremely strong. And awesome in every way

> w /p>


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