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Yesterday in Science class my teacher, Mr.Bacon, reminded me of my favorite kids movie, Spirited Away. He let us watch part of it since it was a half day and I am still fascinated by it. I know it may be directed towards younger kids but it is one of my favorite anime movies.


Has anyone else seen it before?

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Oss afkdsjfalk jaoiwjagksl SPIRITED AWAY!!! awaskalfjalkwuiagka;lksjf sfka Love all of HiaoMiyazaki's Movies!

YAY!!!! I have yet to see the other ones but I WILL SOON!!!! :3

Haha oh Hunter remember when we did that movie marathon?

Spirited Away, Princes Mononoke, Ponyo, Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, and Kiki's Delivery Service (did i forget one?) haha it was so fun


(isn't another one comming out soon X] )

lol...You did a movie marathon!? Awesome!!

(And there better be!!! -_-)

Haha YEAH and you forgot one meanie Vivin! My Neighbor Totoru!


(yeah i saw an add for it in the movie theater! ... cant remember what its called though =( )

I want to see My Neighbor so...much!


That's cool! I will have to look it up using my friend Google....

It's The Borrowers Airietty!

AWESOME <3 *goes to look it up too*

I have never heard of this...but it looks okay. Imma go look it up! ^.^




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