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Have you ever heard of Vocaloid? If so, do you like it or not? I personally love it(especially Miku :3)! Who's your favorite vocaloid and why?

Feel free to put your favorite vocaloid music, pictures, and whatever here as well!

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Here's a banner that I made :3

I love vocaloid. My favorites are the darker ones, but don't be mistaken--I love the romantic ones and the comedies too.

My favorites are Gakupo, Meiko, Rin and Len (though I love Luka, Miku and Kaito too of course.)

I really love Gaku's "The Madness of Duke of Venomania" (hence the username tehehehe), As well as Alice Human Sacrifice aaaand... Trick and Treat.

Plus my Guilty pleasure "When I Get Home, My Wife Pretends To Be Dead."

I love Trick and Treat! xD

I haven't heard that one yet! O.O I must look it up...

..And Len is my second favorite!

Venomania? You should.  And watch the video. it wil make absolutely no sense otherwise. Especially with the Kaito-in-a-dress bit.

Agh, Len. Love him. Have you ever heard the Evil saga? (Servant of Evil / Daughter of evil?) a...dress!? Now I must!!! lol

I love Len...<3 The Evil saga.....I may have....but I have bad memory so I may just listen to it again.

Servant of Evil made me nearly cry. Len, it is not good when you get beheaded :(

Then again, Len always seems to die...

I just watched the video for Venomania...Kaito in a dress! He's the best crossdresser ever! xD

Len always dies. He died in Fear Garden as well...and Alice Human Sacrifice.

By the way, have you ever heard Dark Woods Circus?

A) hahaha I know!  Gyah, I love Venomania... for many reasons, but that's the big one.  For a time, I used to go around saying I was the duchess of Venomania and my friends were like "ANOTHER one?"

B) Yeah, Len even died in IMITATION BLACK xD.  That song isn't even ABOUT violence haha. Wait he dies in Alice Human Sacrifice? I thought that was Rin...

C) asdfghcdAetyjfhADSewr I LOVE DWC.

Lol! xD

I'm pretty sure they both die in Alice Human Sacrifice.

I do too! But did you know that it was based off of a true story?

Darkwoods Circus? Nah, if you've heard the rest of the series, it's impossible..

No, no, no. Not the whole series. Just the one song Dark Woods Circus. There used to be a circus in Japan that kidnapped little kids and dismembered them in some way for entertainment. People actually paid to see the poor little kids. :'(

Sadly, such things happened in Europe, and little bits in the states too. Some circuses broke children's limbs and healed them incorrectly to make them more suited to certain tasks. Then there were the 'freak shows' with circuses... essentially similar to DWC. I think its based on cruel circus treatment as a whole. Pre-safety regulations, that is.


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