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Have you ever heard of Vocaloid? If so, do you like it or not? I personally love it(especially Miku :3)! Who's your favorite vocaloid and why?

Feel free to put your favorite vocaloid music, pictures, and whatever here as well!

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Isn't it terrible? Who would be able to do such a thing. It's inhuman to me. It is, however it was focused on the circuses in Japan.

It is terrible. And people like that are likely always gonna exist. But fortunately there's laws that make their acts more difficult to perform now.

Ahh, all right. I only doubted that because Vocalod tends to base its stories on western works

Gah Honestly i wanna be all OMG VOCALOID but really I only listen to the kagamine twins because they are the one ones i like o.o lol

RinLen! yay!

Karakuri Burst (gahlenlooksamazinginnaziclothes)

And Dance Site of Darnkess are my favorites ^^


I can't remember the exact title of my favorite. Someone like "Benoflorinozine"

I'm probably way off... heh. 

OH! And The Evil saga


Iknowright? Have you seen his DRESS in imitation Black? I want it.

YES! I have!

He even looks cute in a dress xD

"I love Rin & Len Kagamine, but mainly Len. I love them because they are so cute!"


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