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would you want Alice to be your best friend or Rosalie?

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Alice because I want a best friend to shop with and have fun with!
alice da...i like rosalie but i love alice.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would want alice to be my bff because shes just A-W-S-O-M-E!!!!! END OF STORY. rosalie is okay but alice is the SCHNIZ!!!!
i Guess SM was wrong when she described Rosalie, the description shulo be Rosalie is like the second most Beautifful Women.

because Alice is clearly the Most beautifull, and charming woman.
Alice!!! Because it is friendly, polite, the care, is always ready to help, such and should be best friend!
Alice would be my best friend because she is just that much cooler than Rosalie.................. Rosalie is just weird.......... all though most people say that about alice................ But Alice can see things in the future and that would be alot of help to me............... And she is always so peppy!!!!!!!! But if I was Bella with Renesmee then I would like Rosalie because shes oly helpful when a little ones around.
Alice is great-she wants good things for everyone and cares and is empathetic to needs- It what id like to have as a best friend-Rosalie is the kind youd love to hate but once you learn a little more about her- her attitude makes a little more sence and why she acts the way she does.
(i would assume that their characters are a little different than who they are but i take my hat off to them both as acters and people)
Alice all the way
well i love to be the lover of Alice and the friend of Rosalie.
Alice. Rosalie is a psyco! lol
Alice, of course. She is so full of energy.


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