The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 - A Vision

I never regretted being a vampire. I never saw saw my life as a punishment unlike what Rosalie thinks. My family and ofcourse my one and only Jasper is the most important thing in my life. Jasper is everything to and I don't know what I'll ever do without him. I laid down on my bed not to sleep ofcourse but just to relax. Hmm... I wonder who created me. Though I know that James killed him/her, I still want to know his/her name. I thought of it deeply and sighed. I have lots of questions in my mind, I hope someday they may be answered or will my questions forever be questions in my thoughts. Suddenly, flash of pictures appeared. What? the Volturi? What are they discussing? The pictures were so fast that even I couldn't understand. I concentrated to sort the pictures out for me to understand them clearly. I was distracted when I felt Jasper's arm around my waist. " What are you confused about?" he whispered in my ear. " I saw the Volturi, they were discussing something. It's strange cause the pictures were so fast I couldn't get it." "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yeah, I need to talk to Carlisle about this." He nodded and we both went downstairs. " Carlisle?" I called out. Carlisle was in the room with us in a flash with Esme on his side. " Yes Alice, what is it?" "I need to tell you something." I said but before I could continue, I saw another flash of pictures. A shiny black car, coming straight this way. I concentrated to see who it might be but.. a lady I don't know who she is. I never met her before. Who is she? " Alice, honey are you alright?" Jasper asked panicked. " Oh sorry Jazz, I just saw something again." I tuned to face Carlisle. " Carlisle, I saw the Volturi discussing but they keep on changing their minds and I don't get their conversation." I said. " Alice" Edward said. Edward was holding Bella's hand and Nessie's on the other. Nessie has grown so much this past 4 years. She already looks like a 9 or 10 year old. Maybe the Volturi are discussing a bout Nessie. They have not talked about her ever since and no doubt that maybe it about Nessie. "Alice!" Edward exclaimed. It's not impossible Edward. I told him. Bella turned to face Edward. " It's ok love, It's nothing" he told Bella. I could see that Emmett and Rose are coming home from their hunting trip any second now. " HI GUYS!" he shouted, Rose behind him. " What's wrong?" he continued upon seeing how serious we all were. I sighed. " Ok just a while ago I also saw that someone is coming here but I don't know who she is. I never met her, how about you Edward? I asked while remembered the face of the girl. "No" he said. "Well, I have a hunch that she may be from the Volturi." I continued. "What?!" Bella exclaimed. "Don't worry Bella she's alone, and we can take care of her she's no match for us okay." Bella just nodded. "But Alice, maybe she's just a friend of ours." Carlisle rejected. " Yes, even I could see that nothings going to happen now but we should be ready." I answered him. " Yeah, we're always ready." Emmett added. Carlisle sighed. Then we all heard the car tracks coming closer. When it stopped, we heard the door opened then closed. Silently she approached the door. Carlisle went to the door to get it. When he opened the door, " Katrina!", he shouted. Katrina? who is she? " It's great that we meet again." he continued. " Yes, I'm happy too." she answered him. " But why are you here?" Carlisle asked. "Uhm.. Well, is Alice there?" What? Me? But even I didin't know her. why does she want me??

That's the end of chapter one...
please tell if you like it and if I'll post chapter 2..thank you

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thanks guys for waiting..
I'm so sorry for having it done so late...
here you go chapter 5.... hope you'll like it...

Chapter 5- My love

We ran through the forests as fast as we could.
I never stopped running and neither did Jasper.
I was so glad that Jasper was with me, I can't imagine how could I
face this without him.
I realized that we were nearing Canada, so I stopped.
I faced Jasper and slowly approached him.
"Oh, Jazz" I cried hugging him.
"It's ok Alice, you don't need to know if don't want to"
"But..but..but, oh I don't know I'm so confused Jazz. There's so much things
on my mind I can't handle them each."
"Relax Alice." He said, using his hand he pulled my head so that he could see my face.
"Just be calm, everything will be alright I'm here."
He stared through my eyes with care and love.
It was like I've forgotten everything what my problem was.
It was just the two of us now and no one could ever separate us.
Jasper slowly tilted towards me unexpectedly. He gently placed his lips onto mine.
He kissed me softly and I slowly placed my arms over his neck.
I was so glad that I have Jasper with me, that he would be mine forever.
I hope it would be like this forever. By the thought of it I started to giggle.
"Ooops sorry Jazz..."
"Why are you laughing?"
"Oh nothing, just thinking about I having to keep you forever" I said hugging even
much tighter than before.
"Of course you will, I'll never leave you Alice you know that."
"Yes I do, thanks so much Jazz... I love you."
"Love you too Alice." he said and I giggled once more.
"So, do you want to head back or do you still want run to the next continent?"
"No, let's head back." I said.
"Okay, did you cleared everything on your mind?" he asked.
"Yup, sure did." I answered
"That's good, are you going to continue the story?"
"Yes, I will. And I won't move away anymore. I would listen to it until the end."
"You sure?"
"Of course I'm sure, that's why I have you guys around to support
me isn't that right?" I said climbing quickly on Jasper's shoulders.
"That's right my little monster." he said.
"Let's head back now, okay?"
"Yah, yah maybe there starting to get worried."
I closed my eyes and looked through the future.
"Yup, they sure are especially Esme, Let's go." I ran pulling Jasper behind me.
"Thanks so much Jazz. You and my family are always there whenever these things
happen. "
"No problem, that's why were here for you, aren't we?"
"Yes you are, yes you are."
I could see the house already.
Were getting closer and closer to unlock the secrets of my human life for good.
amazing hope you decide to be a writer not to pressure you but chapter 6. this is the only fan fic i pay attention to
omg so do i dont look at the other one but i ove this one the other once dont sound so interesting....
Hey guys..I'm sorry if I didn't continued my story... I was really realy really busy.. Anyway I'm trying to continue writing for you guys.. thanks ..
Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to hear about Alices human life! Please update soon!
so so so so very sorry that it took so long for the next chapter.
And finally here it is

Chapter 6- ME

"We're back!", I thundered as I entered the house.
"Aunt Alice!", Renesmee shouted with glee.
"I'm so sorry guys for taking so long, we we're discussing something with
Jasper." I smiled at him.
I then heard Edward breaking a laugh.
I looked at him.
"What's so funny love?" Bella wondered.
"Shut up, Edward!" I said.
Bella watched his face then mine then back again to his.
She doesn't want to be left alone from a conversation she doesn't know.
It was written all over her face.
"Yah, yah." Edward answered. He is so annoying.
"I know I am." he said.
And Bella looked up at him again.
"Bleh!" I stuck my tongue out.
"Ok guys maybe we shouldn't let or guest be waiting?" Esme stopped us.
"Oh, yes" I said.
"I am so sorry Katrina for acting that way. I didn't mean to..."
"Oh, that's alright don't worry I understand." she stopped me.
"Thank you Katrina." I went back to the couch and sat beside her as well
as the others who wanted to listen to the unfinished story.
It certainly amused everyone.
"Ok Katrina, you can continue." I said with a smile.

"You we're different from all other patients, you see. The humans who
worked there always reminded us to lock your room. We tried to ask why and what was wrong
with you but nobody told a thing about you. We learned a few things about you from the security guard
who worked there and told us that you were 15 when got there and you had no more relatives at all.
No one ever dared to see, talk, and approach you. I started to feel worried about you.
You seldom eat and take your medicine but no one ever cared.
Many patients we're able to leave the asylum happily but you continued to stay there
for years. Sometimes at night when I wasn't doing anything, I tried to visit you but as I came
closer to your room your scent was so strong and I was scared that maybe I couldn't stop myself.
Many nights I tried and tried just to talk and see you but I failed again and again. Daniel told me
that it was best that I would stop visiting you or else I was going to lose my job. But I never
listened to him. One night, I was able to unlock your room. When I opened it I saw you for the first time.
You smell was controllable so I was fine but I when I saw you. You we're so weak and dull. So, lifeless.
I then pitied you even more.I came closer to you.
'Don't worry I won't hurt you.' I said.
And in that moment I knew I needed to help you. I knew that I was able to cure you.
You kept telling me that tomorrow would be a bright day. Tomorrow would be a beautiful day.
You keep saying about tomorrow. Tomorrow we go out and play. Tomorrow it's going to rain.
Though ofcourse you weren't always right but I knew that you we're eager to see what tomorrow
is for you. You we're open-minded. You we're imaginative ofcourse. And you we're most especially

That's the end of chapter 6..
Hope you enjoyed it..
please leave a comment..
Thanks for reading it..
I'm so so sorry that it took so long to read your story. By the time I got on here and I saw the link. Well the link didn't work. But I still love the story and I can't wait for more.
Kendra ♥☼♥♫♥♪
It's alright. I was busy anyway. Thanks Kendra for the comment. I'll try to continue the story. :)


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