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rank you five favorite twilight characters...and explain why they get that spot...

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1. Edward Caring,compassionate, never ending love, and hot!
2. Emmett Hilarious, cute, great big brother, strong
3. Alice Amazing, caring, loving, passionate, wonderful friend
4. Jasper Totally devoted, loving, amazing, can create wonderful moods!!
5. Esme Compassionate, awesome mother, always there for you
1. Edward: caring,gentleman,love-able,hot!
2. Alice: loving,passionate,caring,big heart,great sister
3. Emmett: hilarious,awesome big brother,monkey-man
4.Esme: compassionate,loving,caring
5. Renesmee: vampire+human,cool power,
1. Edward - Edward´s Edward. No other reason neede.
2. Alice - she´s so cool! I´d really like to have a friend like her!
3. Bella - she´s weird sometimes, but I really like her, she´s like me.
4. Emmett - he´s so funny, I laugh everytime he says something.
5. Renesmee - she´s just so cute!
1. Edward hot, caring
2. Alice caring, i wish i had a friend like her and loving
3. Bella kind i like Edward and Bella's relationship
4. Jasper calms the people's moods kind
5. Emmett strong hot really great brother
first this is a Alice fan club but almost none of you have Alice in the first place.

second my top five

1 Alice because i love her
2 Victoria she is a redhead and is sexi
3 Rosalie I like her character , her story and share my dislike to Bella.
4 Seth is the only male Wolf that y like
5 Leah she just amazin
1.Alice-would be an awesome sister,Psychic,good sence of style
3.Renesmee-sweet,adorable,cool power
4.Esme-loving,awesome mother,kind
1. Alice- loving caring awsome friend and great to be around!!!!! 2. jacob - really really hot! 3. seth- great to be around good person to hang out with!4. renesmee - shes so cute and sweet and i love her power !5. emmett - really strong funny and is really cute!
1. alice beceause shes sweet
2. jasper because hes good to alice
3. renesmay shes cute
4. edward because hes cool
5. bella cuz shes renesmays mom


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