The Twilight Saga

.♥ .♥if you could have a special talent like alice,what would it be?and why?.♥.♥

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Reading Minds: always wanted to do it.
Seeing the Future: sum times a I get a feeling about deju.
seeing the future just like alice
all of these are very good options
keep your eyes open and you might find that you can eventually have these powers
reading minds. sometimes it´s really useful
or seeing the future. it´s cool to know what will happen.
read minds,i always wanted to be able to read what ppl were thinking about
seeing the future is cool to,but i perfer mind reading.

la habilidad de predecir los movimientos y pensamientos y forma de un don q  tengooooooooo en esta vida


Reading minds. :)  Life would be so much easier.


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