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Does any one think Rob has low self-esteem? I dont rally but sometimes I regrate thinking that. Pardon my spellin, Just give your answer also I'm looking for some friends! anyone want to be friends? I hope so.

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no we rnt crazy....any1 who thinks he looks "HOT!" is crazy
I totally agree with you,I don't think he puts alot into his Looks either "As in not being Vain" I feel That he is just very Modest possibly shy,But most definitely laid back.I don't think he considers himself a Hearth throb or a sex symbol he is just content in being himself and wants people to realize him for who he is and his talent Not his Looks..I think one day when he is ready he will find someone as Beautiful as he is that feels the same as he and thinks the same, Rob is a very talented man very Creative!! There is a hint of Sadness in his Eye's at times but i think that's only due to the stress of The Twilight Fame and Missing Home & his poor lil dog!!
I don't think he has low self steem he seems alittle shy and I think that is cute =)

Feel free to add me as a friend. =)
I don't think he has low self steem he seems alittle shy and I think that is cute =)

Feel free to add me as a friend. =)
I actually feel sorry for him sometimes I mean the paparrazi is all over him now he dosent seem like he enjoys it to much!
He is shy in a way and does not like the attention he is getting. He is not great with girls and ya I guess he could have low self esteem when it comes to the girls. He needs someone who can deal with goofy cause he is. That's ok.....
i think that he has low self esteem like in interviews hes always quiet and shy and always like sort of putting himself down I should say or not admitting his potential and talent. but honestly the fact that he isnt all stuck up and cocky makes him cuter.
I think Rob knows he is cute, but after Twilight every girl wants him and he didn't realize how much of an affect he/his character has on women. I think he is confident but also realizes that alot of women think he is gorgeous because they see him as Edward (not saying he wouldn't be hot if he was some random guy on the street, but he wouldn't be every girls fantasy)

He doesn't strike me as shallow so I think he's more aware his hotness since Twilight and it doesn't affect his personality
He is very critical of himself on the commentary; he talks about his hands, muscles, chin, and so on. But you can even hear Kristen gasp and say "Oh, god" shen she is on the screen. I would imagine I would be the same way watching myself on film. It would be fun to film it and probably an entirely different experience to actually watch yourself.

I think Rob is adorable and very talented. I don't think he has low self-esteem, I just think he has become BIG in the et business really fast and he doesn't know how to respond.
no not really
he just doesnt like a few things about being a star
would you like the media if they were in your face all the time and you got no privacy?
i dont think so
and would you like a bunch of girls in your face and screaming all the time?
i dont think so
my point has been made =)
but, i do think hes really cute and i totally would meet him anytime... without screaming =) haha =D
I don't think it's so much as low self-esteem. I think it's his personality to not want so much publicity. He's not used to it, however, he's taking to it pretty well. He's also very shy. Everything you see him on cam, especially the comic con twilight premiere thing, everytime someone would speak to him his whole body would turn red and he'd tilt his head down. It's bloody cute, I think anyway.


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