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Does any one think Rob has low self-esteem? I dont rally but sometimes I regrate thinking that. Pardon my spellin, Just give your answer also I'm looking for some friends! anyone want to be friends? I hope so.

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yea i think he does have low self-esteem...or he just doesnt think he's that cute so he doesnt really care...if u dont think ur gorgeous that doesnt mean u have low self the same way ..i dont think im as pretty as ppl say i am.but i kno im not ugly..he's probably the same...but thats good that he's like dat..he doesnt let the fame go to his head..i remember watching a interview with him and he said he hadn't seen twilight yet because he doesnt like watching his own work because then he starts to pick out flaws from himself and his performance..that says alot about him..
i think he is not use to haveing all these girls/ women think he is hot and he has always been a keep tp him self person i think he is just i dont care type of person too, but thats what i like about him his is not the norm.
Yes I think he has low self esteem. He acts like he is shocked that all of these women are screaming at him. But you can be utterly gorgeous and have low self esteem.
idk...but if he has self etseem problems i feel i little bad4 dissin him...but i still think hes a horrible actor...and ugly....
He is just very humble with a sense of humour. I hope he never looses either
I agree with Ed4eva , I think he is very humble , I have seem a report “Rob believes he landed his starring role in Twilight because of his connection with costar Kristen Stewart.” And many famous people are surprisingly humble , like Johnny Deep is also on that way .
I think it`s a good peculiarity and I hope he will never lost it .
I think he just wants to be the artist. He enjoys his job, and he wants to be true to his craft.
Well I seen him in a interview and he was saying that he's the guy who looks like he got hit with a shovel to improve his looks(along those lines) Which is BS cause every single girl drools over him, well I do anyway :)
I dont think he has low self-esteem though he's just really laid back and doesn't put alot of value in his looks unlike vain actors. Which makes him a even better person not to flaunt it around. He's still young you know so there is time for him yet to get a big head(which I hope he never does)about his looks.
i agree w/ him but i think hes slightly uglier than that
You are all crazy. He is HOT!
Im not crazy he is drop dead gorgeous !!! Can you read ?
haha ok...well edel...ur crazy...sry


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