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Had you been Alice, and Edward had died, would you have told Bella the truth ? (A hypothetical question)

Premise of our "Hypothetical"* question:

You are Alice. After your vision of Bella jumping off the cliff. You rushed to Forks. And discovered Bella was in good condition.
Your cell phone battery runs down, and you are not aware that Rosalie gave Edward the misinformation that Bella was dead. Edward goes to Italy and dies. Carlisle finally reaches you with the tragic news. And tells you that the Vulturie, as a favor to him, have decided to allow Bella to live, under ONE condition that no Cullen ever sees or speaks to her again, after today.

After learning about Edward Bella is in marked pain and tells you, "If only I had prettier, maybe Edward could have loved me. If only I hadn't been so embarrassingly clumsy may be he wouldn't have needed "other diversions." If only I hadn't be so inadequate maybe he would still be alive today.

Now you are faced with a dilemma. You know that you will never see Bella again. And that if Bella continues believing the lies Edward told her in the forest (to protect her) Edward's loss will be less painful for her to accept. And if you don't correct her misconceptions it may be easier for her to go on with her life.

You know of the terrible grief Bella has endured. And how many months she had suffered. And finally of how her relationship with Jacob has been a true life savor.

And that there is a good possibility Bella and Jacob will go on to marry. You think that it might be best to leave well enough alone and let Bella live with her misconception.

But on the other hand!

You know that Edward not only believed Bella was good enough for him. He adored her. She wasn't a part of life, "she was his life"

You knew that your brother Edward hadn't spent the last year of his life "enjoying diversions" but rather had spent most all of his time "curled into a ball" agonizing in remorse over his not being able to be with the woman he loved.

Bella only knows that Edward died "fighting vampires." But you know that he committed suicide because, he couldn't "live in a world in which his Bella didn't exist."

Bella believed Edward when he said, "I don't love you." But you knew that telling her that lie, had been the hardest thing your brother had ever done in his life.

Question: Would you leave, and spare Bella more immediate pain, by letting her live forever with her misconceptions about Edward. And continue to build her new life with Jacob.

Or would you tell her the truth, knowing that it would be painful for her to hear now, but feeling that it would be wrong somehow for her to go through life never knowing the truth about the man who adored her, died for her, and who loved her more than life it's self.

*Note to M. Yes this is a hypothetical question. And as such was intentionaly designed us make us confront a hard choice. Being hypothetical the percise events that force you (or Alice) to make this choice realy aren't relevant.

And no since the question's premise states that Alice will never see, or talk to Bella again. Telling her the truth in the future is not an option.

Most Sincerely,

Doc B

PS My friends you might not have noticed, but I have been trying out the new trim web site. Is it more of a distraction or an interest retainer.
THX bjm

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i dont think that i would be able to make a choice but i think i would tell her that he did love her and that he wanted her die but said that he wanted her to continue her life with jacob.
Yup! It would be hard but I would HAVE to, I mean you cant NOT tell someone that someone is dead.
Great thoughts you guys,

I keep remembering the time Bella wakes up and hears Alice and Bella's father talking. Bella is surprised when she hears.


Chief Swan "Well what kind of a guy would leave her to suffer while he's out enjoying himself in Los Angels."

And Alice snaps back: "I wouldn't be so sure of myself Charlie as to presume how Edward is doing"

Alice loves Bella like a sister. And she still cherishes the memory of Edward, even thought he is dead.

What do you think Edward would want Alice to do ? (This is sad to even consider)

What do you think Carlisle would advise Alice to say ?

* You all know what paraphrased means here. But once again: it mean "My dear friends, I think that this is about what they said. And I am trying not to distort the dialog. BUT I'm not going to go digging through the book to get the exact wordage, so I could be wrong, LOL DB


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