The Twilight Saga

I've read all the books. Im currently reading The Host ( Awesome book Btw)
Anyway. I would like your opion on wether or not i should read what Stephenie has of midnight sun.
Or will it just make me extermly mad when i cant finsh the book?

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um well im not sure....ive been trying to read it and havent gotten very far but i think you should anyways....its intresting. thats just my opinion : )
yeah, the host rocks
i do think you should read it
its really interesting, and its basically just edward's view of bella and him meeting
besides, if she doesn't finish it, you will be satisified that you have read it
if she does finish it, you can say that you have already started it
its all good no matter what =)
enjoy! its really long
:O youve read the host ?
oh, of course i read the host
i read it back in october/ august, around there
it was amazing
i cried at the end =) haha
it was such a happy ending!!!
:O really it is a happy ending !!
oh thanks god!
right now i am absoluetly loving it.
and in my opion Ian is even a little better then Seth. :)
Hah thanks
hm... it's a good question...
i don't know... at the end you just want to die because you want to read more... but.. it's sooooo interesting to know Edward pov.

sorry, i don't really help you;-s
Hah yeha that what im afraid of. having to stop reading just like that..
i still dont know if im gonna. ill probaly end up caving tho ..


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