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Okay so it's a long shot... but in a world where wishes come true SM decides to finish Midnight Sun- What is everyone ideas for the Cover of the book?

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yeh, thats the kind of thing i imagined, i also thought that a flame with edwards hands coming over to cover it would have been a good cover, but i like the blue one, its still cool
i also have these ones- wat do u peoples think
the first one is good, i'm not sure about the others though
i actually only like the first or second one
Like the idea of the black apple. The first one is good.
defo first one
what do you think about this picture

try a diffrent font thats like to techno dont u think?

I like this
I think it shoud look like a solar eclipse. you know the moon in front of the sun? What do you think?

Here is a National Geographic picture of a real Midnight Sun taken in 1925


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