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Like us all! But we've to be patient, and hope that Stephenie will be again in the mood to continue it;)
Did u already read the draft of it? There are about 10 chapiters of midnight sun that u can read for free in but... maybe it's not a good idea... i've read it, and after reading it's more difficult to wait the rest to come...
have a nice day;)
I have been salivating on the release date for over a year for MS to be released and I hope one day she'll start it up again but I feel like at least we got the first 12 chapts so I can't really complain becuz I got a better idea of how Edward felt through those awkward moments and how difficult it must've been for him to be around Bella.

Reading it several times has put me back on the rally to plead with Steph to reconsider publishing it. I have this funny feeling that I would love this book more than Twilight if that's even possible. :P


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