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I keep checking Stephanie's website, hoping and praying that there will be some new information about her continuation of Midnight Sun. I read what she posted and I'm addicted to Edward's perspective just as I am to the rest of the series! It's so interesting to see what he was doing and see things from his side. I realllllllllllllllly hope she finishes this book... soon.... and I hope that she writes as many or all of the other books from his perspective as well. Stephanie's not accepting fanmail right now, so maybe if enough people leave comments on here we can show her how terrible it is that someone betrayed her trust but how much we love and support her work and want her to finish and add on to this AMAZING series!!!

Show your support!!!!

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I hope too, that this group has this effect to her.
I understand that she stopped writing.... but i read what she posted and i was fascinated....
Right On! I'm such the addict! I have never been this way about anything. PPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE Finish Midnight Sun!

Edward's perspective is soo important!
i feel the exact same way. reading edward's perspective of things just made me fall in love with him all over again. i would love to hear the rest of his side of things.
I read the draft of midnight and thought it was fantastic! would love for book to be finished. Really think it is a great idea to show from Edwards perspective,
Just wanna add my support,
Love the books, hope I'll get to read the Finished Midnight Sun some day :-)
and hope she continues the series
I feel the same way! I can't wait to read Midnight Sun, but I refuse to read it until she publishes it or comes to the conclusion of what she is going to do about the whole situation. I think she only put it up on her site because of the leak, and since the leak was devistating to her (as it is to all of us), I refuse to read it, even if she's allowing it...

And I, too, hope she continues the series. I read or heard from somewhere, though, that if she does continue the Twilight series, it will not be from Bella's point of view. Personally, I could care less who's view it's in as long as she continues the saga. But I respect her decision, and if she decides in the future not to continue the saga, it will hurt, but I will still respect her decision.
I too really hope she finishes and publishes Midnight sun. I read the draft she posted on her site and was in awe. I'm actually reading it again right now. I believe there is such a great demand for it that it will do very well. I'd love to read the other books from Edwards POV too but I've read that she doesn't think that is necessary. I just don't think we can ever get enough Edward! Please finish it Stephenie!
She could write 10 more books and I think that couldn't even be enough. I am praying and hoping she continues. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!
Cristina, I could not agree with you more in any aspect of your post. My obsessive relationship with the series is in no way justifiable by any word. Well, I do have a sort of difference of opinion about the movie. Of course I saw it in theatres, but I prefer to keep loyal to the characters' appearances and idiosyncrasies I imagined throughout the saga. Those characters are the characters I will always know and appreciate the most; the same novelty would not apply if I had conformed (willingly or unwillingly) to the images presented by the movie or anyone else's opinions (which they are totally entitled to!).

In regards to Midnight Sun, eek! I feel very sympathetic towards Stephenie and her mishap. I really do agree that the series written from Edward's perspective would be the ultimate compliment to the original saga. Then again, writing it must be extremely extensive and tedious! The exact example you described with Edward and Alice was one of the many which, while rereading the series, I thought would be great from Edward's perspective.
I'm interested, you know how Stephenie often says that she didn't have a choice if Edward left or not because that's who Edward is and his actions were no longer in her hands. I think she will try to pass this method onto us if she doesn't plan to further the series past Midnight Sun. And I'm sure you read all the extra documents she posted to her sight. I am also an daily visitor to her website.

Ps, who's to say that I'm obsessed with the first chapter of Midnight Sun! And who's to say that I crossed the line unto compulsive addiction by purchasing an Urban Outfitter shirt which just happened to be named Midnight Sun.. :]

Anyway, hope you'll keep in touch!

OH i know what you mean. I've been checking steph site as well to see if any changes will come up about the midnight sun! Oh I hope she changes her mind! I really enjoy learning and understanding the cullens better. It would make me so happy to know that she isn't giving up on the book! I hope she knows that all her fans support her in whatever choice she makes, but we are all hoping that she continues the series. We just can't get enough of twilight. I bet if she wrote a couple of more books in whosever perspective, we would still read all of them over and over just as the other books. I really hope this isn't the end for twilight. It would feel so final and sad to leave that world behind. =(
i want to read midnight so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FINISH THE BOOK!!!!(pleeaaasssseee!!!) ♥
Dear Stephenie,
(I really hope you read this !)
First of all, my heart goes out to you. I'm just as disappointed and betrayed as you are that someone you trusted so dearly with an incomplete and rough draft of Midnight Sun could betray your friendship and trust like that. Even if it were not on purpose, you handed out those manuscripts with complete trust and loyalty in your heart and to have that level of trust betrayed like that must be very disheartening and disappointing. I'm sorry that this has happened and like most Twilight fans I'm extremely disappointed to know you will not be continuing Midnight Sun. I would, however, like you know something that hopefully up-lifts your soul, even if only momentarily. Reading Twilight (for the millionth time) I was once again in awe of your amazing descriptions and unique story-telling. I loved Edward as though I were Bella and loved Bella as though I were Edward. I love all the Cullens and your characters are all so unique and beautiful that I just couldn't help feeling inspired by you. I felt amazing just from reading your books and I wanted to express myself but I didn't know how to. So I did the only thing that made sense. I wrote. I just felt so extremely inspired by you and your magnificent writing gifts I felt that if I could capture just a tip of the essence you have created I would be happy. I didn't know where my story was going, what the characters names were or what would happen, but it didn't matter, I just wrote. I wrote and wrote and edited and the whole time this amazing feeling stayed with me. Inspiration, that's what you are to me. When I read Midnight Sun on your page I cannot tell you enough amazing words to tell you how truly great that book is, or would be, at least. I saw Twilight in such a different perspective and it gave me such better knowledge of Edward. I was always confused and left open-mouthed by his reactions and reading this book has made me understand so completely I was amazed. I'm truly sorry that what has happened, happened. But now, hopefully you've read this and you realise that Midnight Sun would be a true work of art, and no matter what happens, you have inspired me like no other could.


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