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is there anywhere you can print Midnight Sun of the computer? I have found where you can read it online, but it wont let me print it off.

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yeah i was not able to print it either. they must have it setup so that you can not print it.
Since its copyrited and not finished u can't print it. SM ownes it and it is unfinished so untill it is finished and in stores there won't be a printed copy :( I would love to read MS and twilight back to back but I don't have the time to sit @ my computer everytime I read sinec 65% of my reading time is going to and from places on the bus. Oh well I can wait how ever long SM needs to finish it :)
Surprisingly none of my friends really like Twilight, so i doubt they have even heard of Midnight Sun.
you can't print it off because SM dosn't want ppl to steal it again. Sorry... but if reading on and iPod is better for you, my brother found a way to put it on his iPod. reply back for more info.
how did he put it on his ipod :)
Hey how can I get it put on my ipod? That would be so wicked :)
i dont think u can
well.. maybe i know a way, but i am not sure you still need it:)
It's password protected. You can take a screen photo (with "grab", "snap" or other screen shot software) then print out each page, but that takes an awful lot of time and determination! I've printed out other out-takes that way. Sure would be nice to have a hard copy of MS!!


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