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In case there is still confusion on the issue of Midnight Sun ever being published. . . I quote from her website, in the Midnight Sun left tab:
After providing the first chapter as a sneek peek, she goes on to promise that the final product will be 'infinitely superior.'

As of June 2008, Stephenie relayed the message to us on her site that ". . . Midnight Sun is her next project. She has not yet finished writing it (and there is no timeline set up, so we all need to put a lot of effort into being patient for a while longer), but she is definitely still planning on having it published. And, after Breaking Dawn comes out, Stephenie will have much more time to focus on writing Midnight Sun."

Another update: August 28, 2008.
This is after August 2nd, when Breaking Dawn made its debut on the shelves.
Regarding the leak of Midnight Sun she says in this most recent post, ". . . I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely."

Since then she has commented during interviews and personal correspondences (found on the viable twilight lexicon) that she had planned for Spring of '09 for it to be published and out on the shelves--BUT then the leak happened. She now wants to get other characters out there too, such as her long-harbored sirens.

The most recent update: November 5, 2008,,20234559_20234567_20238527_3,00.htm !! Check it out. Here Stephenie says, regarding Midnight Sun, "I do not feel alone with the manuscript. And I cannot write when I don't feel alone. So my goal is to go for, like, I don't know, two years without ever hearing the words 'Midnight Sun'. And once I'm pretty sure that everyone's forgotten about it, I think I'll be able to get to the place where I'm alone with it again. Then I'll be able to sneak in and work on it again." She goes on to talk about other ideas she's been throwing around. In the previous pages of the interview in the link, she talks about her post-post-leak feelings and how she feels after she's had time to calm down.

Also the twilight Lexicon ( is such a credible sight and has Stephenie's Personal Correspondences which answer a lot of questions that all of us have.

Everything that I've said above does NOT mean that Midnight Sun won't be published! She promised herself that she would finish this. So she didn't provide a date or she didn't directly tell anyone that it was going to be published, but who cares! Have some optimism. The more suspense the better. . . right? Yeah, yeah okay. Anyway. There is still hope and although this year she's told us she will be ". . . spending more time with my family and working on some other writing projects." I believe Midnight Sun will be WELL worth the wait if it's published. This will be worth it.

Feel free to ask me any questions or I guess. . . 'friend me' if you wanna talk Twilight! ( I'd be so happy to do so :] )

Hey guys--So I guess you've all heard the gossip about Midnight Sun.
Check out the site:

Since this discussion is called--here's the deal according to STEPHENIE I'm not supporting this information. I personally don't find this site reliable. Why wouldn't they give a link or a deeper reference to the event?
The site claims that Stephenie finished Midnight Sun and will publish it in May.

They have her saying:
"I've always wanted to finish this book, and the fans have been so great, I knew I had to do it for them," the author revealed Tuesday (March 31) at a book signing in Las Bromas, California. "I enjoyed this so much, I'm going to begin work on Full Moon, which is New Moon told through Jacob's perspective."
But Stephenie has said on her website, in correspondences and interviews (you can reference the first video on my page with her and Kristen and Rob, she says this--- around 5:30) that she will never give information on a project she is working on because you never know how long it will take to publish or complete and as we all know--she doesn't want to have the media and fans pressuring her. She likes to be alone with her characters which she finds difficult when she's being over-scrutinized.

And come on, a movie on Midnight Sun? When New Moon isn't even out? How would the movie be much different than Twilight besides Rob having voice-overs instead of Kristen. And having more information about the Cullens prior to Bella meeting the family. Not too much.

I will update this site according to Stephenie and Stephenie only. When this info comes up on her website--THEN it's legit.

Love you all!! *Fingers Crossed*!

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the most unfotunate part of MS is the fact it wont be out for at least 4-6 years by my guess as she said she she wants to wait to start writing it again for about 2 years of not hearing about it, well bad luck for us cause as long as they are making movies about it we more and more people are going to hear about and its just going to be continued to be brought up over and over again, it will be at least a year after the last movie is made before people might actually drop talking about MS, but that will also depend on if they get a contract to make Breaking Dawn cause to my knowledge they still only have contracts for NM and Eclipse, if they get a contract for BD then it will be an even longer wait then what i'm already predicting. If people can give up MS with in a year after Eclipse is finish :'( this sucks i know

just so everyone knows that under the story about her finishing the book and it comes out in may they have the link above it states that it was all a HOAX. SM has not finished MS Las Bromas is spanish for joke, yes they are jack *ss*s for pulling this hoax.
This site ( is junk! just and FYI guys and dolls there is no suck city called las bromas in cali. AND the word broma means joke in spanish that whole post was all a joke :( i wouldn't trust anythig i see n this site anymore
i think that steph has an obligation to finish midnight sun...not only for the hungry fans but also to herself...
i know that she got hurt for what had happened..the leaked thing...but uhhm imean i think she should
still finish it...and im sure all the twilight fans we'll be like rejoicing...i dont know but im sure i will...
but twilight fans please please be patient and wait a little longer..
I check her website everyday to see if she has any updates on Midnight Sun. If she writes it, I'll buy the book and subsequent movie. This is a great world and I'd love her to elaborate further. I wish the movies were a closer reflection of the books. Heck, I sat through Titanic and Storm of the Century...I'd sit through a 4 hour Breaking Dawn!!!


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