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For me it's a full on 10

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ughhh i dont want 2 be bella...shes an rather be myself and have jacob black...
i mean shes so insecure of her self...pshhh personally i think my life is better than bellas...even if i dont have edward
10 or infinity, just to be with Edward.
Well it all depends on where and what she is doing but mostly a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cuz of EDWARD
oh!!!definitely a full 100!!!! lol =)
he is the PERFECT boyfriend
i'll probably vote for 10. I know its hard to be like the cullens but its really just so cool!! Specially when you have a guy like EDWARD CULLEN who is very loving and understanding.
like a 1000 :)
Yea i would be a 10, i could deal with the whole near death experiences if that means i could be with Edward lol
Not to mention being a Cullen someday, it sounds amazing (:
10 i would really watnto be bella
nt sure buh to have an edward 10
nt many boys treat girls the way he treats bella
i would have to say 10, but i wouldn't give anything up.


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