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According to this site,steph said that she will finish midnight sun and she will write New Monn from Jacob' POV.
God if this true,I'm going to jump up and down and and scream :D

Here's the site:
*edit 11.10.09*

OK, people, we get it, IT'S A JOCK! We know, I wrote it befor I knew, so stop saying it because it's really getting annoying.

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I have done some research and there is a good chance that she will one day write Midnight Sun. Unfortunately, in order for it to be any good she has to be in the right state of mind. Once the mood strikes her she will pick it back up but as a writer you cannot force yourself to publish something, no matter how many millions of us are begging/dying for it. :(
um, sorry, but i dont think thats true
its not a reliable source
this is what it says on STEPHANIE MEYER'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE: and i quote:
"Also, despite some really tasteful Fool's Day pranks on-line, I want to assure you that I am in excellent health, thank you very much. Also, I have no current plans to write any scripts, sequels, or collaborations, nor have I been to any conventions this year." and that includes midnight sun
see my post on the badly hoping for midnight sun homepage
yeah your right it's just a joke :(, stupid apirl fools , just like earlier i read that robert wasn't going to play edward in new moon.
well that was actually semi true...he almost didnt...but he did any way...
Yeah,I dont sure about it either,but I thought that I'll post it juust in case.
omg that is so Sweet, I love that midnight sun will be published, any news when? And new moon from jacob's view awsome:)
i know. i really truely hope its NOT and april fools day prank. i would be really mad.
I found this on the following site:

Stephenie Meyer to finally release Midnight Sun!!!!!!!

Twilighters, you did it! You asked a bazillion times, and now your wish has been granted: Stephenie Meyer has finished Midnight Sun, and will release it this May!

The book is the retelling of Twilight from Edward's golden eyes. So, basically, the most beautiful book ever. And one we're sure to get lost in.

"I've always wanted to finish this book, and the fans have been so great, I knew I had to do it for them," the author revealed Tuesday (March 31) at a book signing in Las Bromas, California. "I enjoyed this so much, I'm going to begin work on Full Moon, which is New Moon told through Jacob's perspective."

Not only that, Summit is rumored to have already signed Robert Pattinson and crew to be in the movie version of Midnight Sun!

Are you sure its a joke????
Yay!!!! I just logged in to 4tnz now and I saw this!!!
yeah def an april fools day joke. that place in cali doesn't exist and in spainish it means joke or something like that. What a horrible joke to play
yeah, i hope its true, that would be great. i dont want the series/ saga to ever end!
I am so confused. ppl is this a joke or not! someon plz explain!!!!


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