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What Chaptert of Midnight Sun are you wanting to read the most?!?! I don't know about anyone else, but I wanna read The Meadow in Edward's point of view!!! lol XD I think I'd die of happiness...
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Absolutely! the meadow scene! that is where it left off and I was bummed out .........the prom scene. and every other scene from twilight to Breaking Dawn.......
wow, I already commented on this topic and the answer is the same.....whoops~
I would like to have read Edwards thoughts all through that meadow scene also. AND after he kissed her at the truck and the truck ride back to Bella's house when she ask him his age... and all the old songs he was singing to her... plus I would like to read his thoughts as Bella is asking him about marriage when he is in her bed that night after the day in the meadow.
Ohhh that would be a good one too (marriage one)!!! It would probably be something so sweet I'd melt with even more love for Edward lol XD
♱♥♫ღï§αbɛℓℓα Яסּzαღ♫♥♱
The meadow scene, it was like a chapter away! I wish she would just finish it :(
I wanna read the scene that Edward is hunting James... while Bella is with Alice and Jasper
all of it i love twilight the book and the movie but new moon the book it was long cause i dont really like jacob but i loved the part where the volturi come in
anyone knows if she'll write all the books from edward's point of view?
I want to read the meadow, the first kiss, ! and also the end with all the james things and when he figures she scaped from alice and Jasperr! Oh and the first night he stays in her room with she knowing and they talkk
When he is stalking her!! I might be insane but I found it so romantic!!!!


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