The Twilight Saga

For me it would have to be either the meadow part or the part where Edward saves Bella from James or the Prom. =D

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oh yeah i wanna read all of those parts :)
i don't have a particular part i wana read.... I just want her to finish writing and publish the book!
The meadow :) well really the kiss @ the truck haha I wanna know how he was thinking during it and how much he struggled not to kiLl her haha
yeah me too...

it will be great to get in edwards head in those scenes...

it will be filled with romance, action and laughter..
The assault in Port Angeles was so great from Edwards POV (in the Draft), that im not sure anything will be able to top that.
hmm.. i just want to finish it! XD thought i do want to know what was going on during the time bella, jasper, and alice were waiting in the hotel room trying to avoid james. ^^
I would love to know about the meadow as well, but I am so looking forward to the book getting finished. Stephenie is an awsome writer, very talented..She has me visualizing the whole thing in my head as I read it..Would love to know what exactly Edward was thinking and feeling on everything.
I agree with Fran,
I would love to read the meadow scene. And would be interested in learning Edwards first hand feelings about Lonnie the rat,

Doc B

ps great question Thx Doc
Hi immortal

I think you ll find the majority want read the meadow and the kiss. I am definately in that

I also would like to read meeting his family and the baseball field when James coven come, and also when Bella and Edward are apart to see how he feels.

So all of it really

Well after rereading Twilight for the 6th time, I realized that I also want to know what was going thru Edward's head at the moment when he was sucking the venom out of Bella's arm. We know from Eclipse that it stings even vampires. So I want to know how Edward coped with that, even thou he himself wasn't bitten, did it still affect him in any way?


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