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On youtube i saw a video and Stephenie said it might take her 1 or 2 years to finish Midnight Sun! She also said she might start writing a different series becuz she wants to make a new world.
But i have a book that has a interveiw with her and she said she wont stop writing bout Bella and Edward becuz it would b like killin them!
If u dont belive methen go to youtube and type this is the seach bar Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Stephenie Meyer Bonus

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i believe u. it would be killing them. she can't do much pain.
well i really hope she finshes midnight sun!!!
it is my all time favorite book!!
To discontinue writting about Edward and Bella would be killing them. They would cease to exist in the real world but in Twilight's fan"s heart they would live on in only fantasies. As badly as I want her to write Midnight Sun, I don't want to pressure her, some people do not work well under pressure.
i kno i rlly hopes she writes Midnight Sun
ok she did say 1 or 2 years its been an year and half since the leak happened ! so if she meant 2 years we have abt 6 months or less to wait !!!!
Only she said the 1 or 2 years things like-she needed to not hear about Midnight sun for that long, and "when she feels like she is alone with it again she would finish it". So I don't think the timeframe was a literal printing timeframe. :(
she MUST write about edward and bella! no making other books!!!
I believe you. I saw an interview she gave last year regarding Midnight Sun. She said in November, that she would finish it, but she needed to be alone with it and did not feel like that was possible right now. She did say it could be like 1 or 2 years before she returned to it. She also said she needed to not hear anything about it for a while before she could start again...good luck with that one, right?
Even if she starts wtiting a different series I HOPE she finishes Midnight Sun, for Edward! I am willing to wait that long just for the book!
hope she does
yes... it wud b like killin me as well as killin them if she stops writing..........


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