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Plz only look at if you have seen the movie!! I don't want anyone to be mad if there are spoilers!!!










Okay was anyone else just totally freaked out at the plot twist... When the camera panned up for us to see Carlisle's head I almost just screamed and died... But I was in a public place so I kept my cool ;) but then it just kept going and I just lost it and almost ran out of the theater... like when Jasper died and Seth... ohh I was just gone... I was getting up but my mom made me sit down...

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I cried my eyes out

Oh I know I was crying and then when it showed Alice again holding his hand and said "That's your future..." Omg I almost stood up in the theater and yelled "THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Yeah I swear until I saw Alice I think I stopped breathing I was just floored from the second I saw Carlisle's head in Aro's hands my hand was over my mouth in disbelief as I cried so hard that I couldn't see for abut and then I wanted to jump up and scream that's right when she told Aro " and now you know your future unless you change your course." But somehow I managed to contain my excitement til I left the theatre n then I had to laugh when I watched a bunch of teenie boppers leave screaming that they ruined the movie when it turned out to just be a vision then I couldn't help but crack up laughing cause all I could think of doing was screaming at them try reading a book sometime lol then you would have known it had to end that way!!!!!

It was riveting!!!




I was holding my breath the whole time during the fight scene.  I had a suspicion all might not be as it seems, but it definitely had me on the edge of my seat!  I also loved it when the wolves and the Cullens worked so well together and, of course, when newborn Bella kicked ass!  The fear in Aro's face was priceless!  And in the end everything that happened in the movie was implied in the book in some form or other.  After all, a fight between the Volturi and the Cullens would be devastating for both sides.  It was definitely worth it to sit untill the end.

What the crap I didn't even get to see part 2 yet :,(


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