The Twilight Saga

Seriously why is he so georgous?????? I just want to know why he is such a hot werewolf?? Is it bad to fantise about who u really think is hot?????,

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Hi ent jacob is ugly edward is way better. I want to marry edward.

Rose : that is soooo! True

Renesmee : just leave him alone

hes not lol TEAM EDWARD

Renesmeet whatever
All of y'all are fussing on my Jake now stop

Jacob Black is seriously Hot!! But Seth Clearwater Its So Freaking Adorable!!!!!

IKR?? If Seth proposed to me I would say yes in a heartbeat!!!!'''''''

Jacob-HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D LOL

But Seth Is better! :D

Tots gorgeous

Jacob is so freaking hot <3
Seth is so freaking hotter <3


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