The Twilight Saga

in my opinion i think it be interesting if they dated in real life cuz then we can c them as real ppl not jst as bella and edward........whats ur opinion??????????

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Kristen is dating Michael Angarano and Rob is currently single!
dumb question probably but who is Michael Angarano???
he is the main character besides jackie chan and jet lee,who plays in the forbidden kingdom
isnt michael in that 1 disney movie? what is it called... i think its sky high or something like that. yeah
um i really don't know, the movie and books are so good and seem so real but u and i both know they are not who they are filming so ???? don't think so............ i don't know lol
even thought kristn is dating her current boy friend for 2 years now i would love to see her and rob get together the cymistry is so good together
i would like to see what would happen. That would be interesting. Lol. In my opinion.
If they r not datin then i think thy should
i think they make a qt couple! they should date!
i would like to see Kris and Rob together,but i dont think they can date
I think that they deffinatly have awsome chemistery togeather. But I dont think they are dating. I think that once you spend that much intimate time with some one you build a bond with them and that is what we see.


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