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Do you think that the book and the movie would have been better if it was jacob and bella. would it be interesting to see how jacob and bella turned out if edward and jacob switched spots?!?!?!?!?!

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uh edward and bella defenetly
Edward and Bella defiently because she loved him even thought he left her and she still took him back. But when she was with jacob she Just didn't feel right
Bella and Edward. I threw Eclipse at the wall when Bella kissed Jacob
edward n bell 4-sure
Edward and Bella 4ever ^^
i don't think i would enjoy the story as much if it were jacob and bella
Edward and Bella!!!
I threw up... scene in front of the tent... Jacob and Bella...
Edward and Bella always!
edward and bella !!!! defenetly edward and bella !!!
edward and bella DEFINITELY <3
no i would not want to see that because jacob is just the one for her. Edward and bella are meant to be with each other but it could be interesting to see if those too would make it out.


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