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Do you think that the book and the movie would have been better if it was jacob and bella. would it be interesting to see how jacob and bella turned out if edward and jacob switched spots?!?!?!?!?!

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I don't think so. I agree that, maybe, Jacob wanted Bella mostly out of competition with Edward, but Bella loved Jacob and although I don't like them together, I know that's true. Not just because she needed him. We can see that in Breaking Dawn, when she doesn't need him anymore, she still worries about him and loves him.
i really think it would be alot more interesting if jacob and bella were together. :)
edward and bella of course <3
EDWARD & BELLA!!!!!!! i hate jacob!!! :)
No way. It wouldn't be nice if Edward and Jacob switched spots. Bella belongs with Edward.
ya uh EDWARD AND BELLA definitely!!! i got soooo mad when bella kissed jacob in eclipse!!
I think its the way its suppost to be! From the moment Edward and Bella laid eyes on each other, there was already something there! Jacob is an amazing guy but I think Bella belongs with Edward, I think it ended amazing! Everyone is still in each others lives and they became "friends". Bella made out...Shes with Edward, she has an amazingly special daughter, and Jacob (he best friend) is an active part of her life style!!


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