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Do you think that the book and the movie would have been better if it was jacob and bella. would it be interesting to see how jacob and bella turned out if edward and jacob switched spots?!?!?!?!?!

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No! I think it would have been really weird and not as hot looking if it had been Jacob not Edward. Jacob is a stupid mongrel!!
Edward and Bella 4ever. Jacob and Bella don't make a good couple.
Edward and Bella
Theyb are destined to be together for ever.
NO bella & jacob......................YES Bella and Edward
def. edward and bella
definetly edward and bella they belong together
ummm edward and bella there made for each other jacobs alright but i like bella with edward
edward and bell are like the perfect drug they both feel the same.. I feel that bella and jacob could never go there he wouls alwasy be thinking that she was thinking of edward and also he could never really protect her the way edward sould overall.. I dont think he would have wanted her and edward to be friends in the same way edward was about bella and jacob being friends..
I think eventually she would have realized that Jacob didn't complete her the way Edward did and she would have fallen inlove with him anyways. haha
Always and Forever Bella and Edward
of course edward and bella


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