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I know Edward loves Bella and has since almost the first time they met but, before Midnight Sun I had no idea how Edward REALLY felt about Bella. It didn’t surprise me to find out they were thinking and feeling the same way. They both love each other so much. I love knowing Edwards thoughts and how he really feels. Do u feel the same?

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yea i read the partial draft that steph. posted on her site... and it was really great to be inside of Edwards mind. To know how he felt and the passion he has for Bella is amazing. I really hope that she finishes the book.
me too
Oh my god!!! I loved Edward's thoughts!!! He was actually like hilarious!!!! And also I didn't know he started loving Bella so fast, I thought it took him a while!!! I was freakishly obsessed with him before, but I'm overly crazy obsessed with him now!!!! I love his thoughts!!! I wish the Stephenie would not only finish and publish Midnight Sun ,but write all the others from Edward's point of view too.
I love his thoughts too. I like Twilight but I LOVE Midnight Sun or at least what SM has finished. I also hope she finishes the book. I loved hearing the thoughts of everyone around Edward too, especially Alice. lol
i love midnight sun!!
it´s just amazing to read the whole story of his point of view, to see how it starts and when exactly he could´t stay away any longer. there are so many diffrent thoughts and i love it when he grasps that he is in love with her, after the car accident
Oh yes me too.
I loved it too. I was confused in the movie in Biology when Edward looked like he was going to puke all over Bella. Now I understand!!!!! I loved seeing the other side of the story and knowing that he just wasn't trying to be a jerk. It made me like Edward even more (if that's possible!!!!!). I hope it ends up getting published!
lol I thought the same thing in the movie, he totally looked sick. I too love Edward even more now that I know what he is thinking.
i think that stephenie meyer completes all our dreams if she finished midnight sun. it would be great!
I so agree!
I totally agree with you! I knew Edward loved Bella a lot, but I had no idea how much. Midnight Sun also explained so many things that happened in Twilight! I am so glad that Stephenie wrote it!! I hope she finishes!!!! <3 edward and bella 4ever <3
I hope SM finishes the book too. Thanks.


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