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I know Edward loves Bella and has since almost the first time they met but, before Midnight Sun I had no idea how Edward REALLY felt about Bella. It didn’t surprise me to find out they were thinking and feeling the same way. They both love each other so much. I love knowing Edwards thoughts and how he really feels. Do u feel the same?

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I totally agree.I knew he loved her but I didn't really kno how much.
I so want Steph to finish the book. When i got to the last chapter she wrote i cryed cuz it was the end and it was geting to some really good parts.
I am rereading the book right now and when i get to the end of what SM wrote im going to be so depressed all over again. Please SM finish the book!
I do... I just love the way they "love each other", unconditionally... And knowing Edward thoughts...
Is Stephenie going to finish the book??? I would really love to finish reading it... =)
Yeah totally. I mean it's nice knowing Edwards side of things. I mean I thought it was kind of interesting how he tryed to stay away from Bella but couldn't because he found her so interesting.
It's nice knowing what he was really thinking. I liked how we got to see how fustrated he really was with the fact he couldnt read Bellas mind, and how he wished he couldn't read certain peoples mind. It was kind of funny. :D

I like Midnight Sun so much better.
Thats exacly how I feel!
I loved the way he wanted to hit Mike Newton clean across the room because he felt so strongly for Bella. Not only was it funny but it also showed the love he felt even before he told her. Please finish the book Stephanie!
Oh, yes i liked that part too. Edward never likes Mike much at all. lol
I really do hope this book comes out because I would love to see it from his point of view, I want to see how he describes their love for each other
Yup! I like his version better
me too!
thanx for ur comment


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