The Twilight Saga

ya, like me, after i read twilight and its sagas i got soooo obsessed wit edward and bella bein together and couldnt rly stop tlkin about thm.
theyre jst sooo PERFECT 4 each other!!!
i would like die if they were separated(like in new moon) and especially if someone else waz wit edward and someone else with bella.

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omg!!! i absoulty agree..but i wouldnt mind if edward was with me..=] love him!!! but yea i love the twilight saga i loved all the books but i didnt enjoy new moon 2 much..cuz i wanted 2 read about my edward..even when i watch new moon i fast foward through it jus 2 see eedward=]] i hate seeing bella with jake.. she belongs with edward!!!
Yeah, agree with you. Bella and Jacob just don't fit. Bella belongs with Edward, and no one else.
your right. i feel the same as you. i love the twilight saga but new moon is my last favorite. i love twilight and eclipse.
i knw right in new moon i was sooo mad especially when bella and jacob almost but i would get glad sometimes when she would do tht bad stuff so she can hear edwards voice which meant she still didnt forget him and couldnt
I completely agree!!!! But i was like that from the first ever chapter of twilight. I was obsessed with edward and bella, not just edward like my friends were.
I am (: They just fit together, a perferct couple. <3
I'm obsessed with Ed & with Ed's and Bella's love !
I have to watch Twilight a few times a week. Can't get enough of those scenes when they are together.
I cannot get enought of watching Edward and Bella when they are together. They are sooooo hot. Luv talking about the vamps and all the books all the time. Need to start "vampires anonymous" so we can get together and talk about those amazing people
me i was crazy about them when i finished reading the books i wanted more of them lol♥
ofcourse , i do .

but i suppose everyone who's read it does.

who agrees with this ??
memememememe me! lol. ironic though cuz i am 30 but bella and edward are perfect... sighs... they compliment eachother wonderfully. Jacob is cool but isn't right for Bella.
I totally agree! I love them together its perfect! If they werent together I probably would never read the books or be able to see anything Twilight. They're perfect (sorry I'm saying that alot) *laughs* I only realy llike the parts in the books with Edward and the movies. I just love them together!


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