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ya, like me, after i read twilight and its sagas i got soooo obsessed wit edward and bella bein together and couldnt rly stop tlkin about thm.
theyre jst sooo PERFECT 4 each other!!!
i would like die if they were separated(like in new moon) and especially if someone else waz wit edward and someone else with bella.

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i agree they belong together
Ahhh they are perfect together.... the way they love eachother... the way they gaze into eachother's eyes... *sighs*.... they are perfect! :)
i do!! i absoulutely agree with you!! like if bella and jacob were together and edward and tanya =O
That is EXACTLY how I feel, Im just fasinated on how much they love eachother and how devoted they are towards eachother ♥Edward&Bella forever♥

me too! but she would have been fine with fact her life would be a lot less painful cuz she wouldnt have to go through the change of becoming a vampire...but at the same time edward is perfect for her cuz they both never smile and have the same personality. so that is why im team switzerland!

after i started to read the books i fell in love with edward because the love he feels for bella is just so beauitful bella is edward's sole mate for life and in new moon when edward leaves that broke my heart because i knew sole mates should never be apart and i know jacob was just trying to be nice but no one chould ever replace edward.


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