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I was very upset when this happened! I was hoping Bella hadn't changed her mind and decided she loved Jacob. Then when Bella made him kiss her? Oh. My. Gosh. Okay, I didn't want him to die because it would have totally hurt Bella but they didn't have to kiss! What was she thinking? She was engaged to a man that sparkles. How much better can that get???

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I was angry. Jacob over Edward???? No way in hell!
Yeah he should. I had mixes feeling i was mad but i was happy i was hoping that if they kissed they would realize it was like kissing their brother or sister. but that didnt happen.
I was so upset! I understand that she didn't want him to die but OMG! I can only imagine how badly that hurt Edward
I was also so upset when she kiss Jacob, I was so hoping Jacob would imprint with Leah. I was thinking oh no Bella and Jacob, Edward would kill himself. It took me a long time to read this book because I did not want Bella to stop loving Edward. How could she do that to Edward. Edward so wonderful and so handsome.

I really feel another book needs to be written. Bella's and Edwards future, Jacob and Nessi and the Cullens family. Bella's power getting stronger and her, Nessi, Jacob and Edward hunting.
I was... They didn't have to kiss... I really hated...
i was so mad i wished i could just punch jacob TEAM EDWARD!!!
I was very upset and put the book down for alittle while. I wish it didnt happen.
I KNOW!!! I was to mad when Bella told Jacob to kiss her. I knew she was in love with him but did they really have to kiss??? SO MAD!

It doesnt get better then that. I think it would be WICKED AWESOME to be with a man that sparkled in the sunlight.

What I dont get is that Edward LET it happen, was anyone else upset about Edward not doing anything???
I thought it was wrong of him to kiss her, but I also thought it was funny because she hit him. When Bella made him kiss her, I didn't know what to think. I couldn't believe he would make her do that and I really couldn't believe that she would! He really played her emotions though and that was totally wrong. I fell more in love with Edward when he didn't get mad at her. *sigh*
I know! I was kinda pissed. She should have known that he would have came back either way. She didn't have to kiss him. And if you knew that you were absolutely inlove with someone then how could you bring yourself to actually kiss someone else??
I was mad because Jacob took advantage of Bella he knew she loved Edward and only Edward so for him to take advantage of their friendship like that was really uncool of him and that is why I dont like Jacob.
I so agree i was furious i wanted to hit i was reading it and i was saying "OMG how can u do that to Edward ur sauch a h** omg b****!!!!! as u can see i was really mad.. and i felt bad for edward but kinda mad that he didnt care but tht also made me love him more cause it shows that he loves his love no matter what!(even if she does kiss another man!)


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