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I was very upset when this happened! I was hoping Bella hadn't changed her mind and decided she loved Jacob. Then when Bella made him kiss her? Oh. My. Gosh. Okay, I didn't want him to die because it would have totally hurt Bella but they didn't have to kiss! What was she thinking? She was engaged to a man that sparkles. How much better can that get???

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i hate bella and jacob and i think in my poor vampire (edward) i was angry i cried i was mad seriusly!!!!
how can bella do this to edward!!!!??? is so stupid!!!!! ahhhhh!!!! and jacob, why he dont disapire??!!!
Then there wouldn't be a story
I cried... i thought she might go with him... I hated Jacob but i did feel sorry for him. I was glad when he got nessie. I came up with an explanation, nessie was always inside Bella so that was why he loved her. And when bella got pregnant, Jacob felt a pull and he thought it was bella, but it was nessie. What do you guys think?
I was so mad I wantied to take a stab at has hand to when bella stab him in the hand
It was a shame when she hit him that he didnt feel it. If she doesnt want him to kiss her than she has a right to get him off! That made me sooooooo annoyed.
i was very mad bella should never be with a wearwolf only vampires
before i read the part , i thought that i wud read atleast 50 pgs that day .
but wen i read that i was really angry with Jacob . i shut down the laptop and went 2 sleep (i was reading at night) .next day , at schul i told my frend about it and she was pissed off with jacob too.

i didnt read the book for next 2 days but then i realised that i was too obsessed to stay away.

and i forgave Jacob during breaking dawn.


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