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I was very upset when this happened! I was hoping Bella hadn't changed her mind and decided she loved Jacob. Then when Bella made him kiss her? Oh. My. Gosh. Okay, I didn't want him to die because it would have totally hurt Bella but they didn't have to kiss! What was she thinking? She was engaged to a man that sparkles. How much better can that get???

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I was extremely mad. How could he do that??? Jacob should know the difference between friends and boyfriend/girlfriend.
yeah that`s right
I totally agree.
totally right
i was sooo mad im like how could u bella?
Me too!!!! i almost stopped reading when that happened. i was telling my friend how badly i wished i could be a character i nthe book and backhand bella for ASKING him to. coz now edward couldnt even break jacobs face!!!!! yeah i totally agree with all the "ah ha" moments. im definatly glad breaking dawn was written.
i totally agree with u!!
how could Jacob do smth like that?!

hate him!!!!!!!!!
i totally thought it was very immature of jacob to force her both times
I was not mad at Bella but i was at Jacob. Edward knew that Jacob was playing dirty. I think it just got alittle out of hand. Bella was just put in a bad possition, she wanted her best friend to be ok. I forgive her.
ohh......thats too
ohh......poor Bella.....she loves Jacob like friend......that`s why he always put her in bad possitions......
I'm glad someone agrees with me! I was SO mad at him! How could he do that? At least she ended up with the right guy. I wish there were guys that really sparkled. Wouldn't that be great?
i was pretty mad but edward didnt seem that mad :P
i was pissed at jacob more than i was pissed at bella. i mean its her own damn fault that she was in that position, but he was a prick to stoop that low to get a kiss. like seriously he knew how much she loved edward. i mean how many people do you know get pains when the name of the person they love is mentioned after they left. i mean he knew what she was feeling and he knew that she didn't feel the same way about him. like there is a difference in friend love and boyfriend love. i have been in that situation and he should of backed off. so i think he was a good friend with his mind so far up his own ass that he just couldn't stand to lose her. but he should of done things differently. ughh this is pissing me off thinking about it.


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