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Does anyone but me get hurt on a daily basis? I mean not only other people phisically hurt you, but mostley it's self-inflicted. Anyone? I mean sometimes I wonder if I could be Bella's twin with the things that happen to me. I mean, I can be really graceful, but most of the time I'm really clumsy. I even hurt other people on accident, and they hate me for it. So does this happen to anyone else?

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Well, alot of other ppl think so.
yeah i like walk into things all the time doors included! and im constantly falling over lol
lol! Have u ran into clear door?
i hurt my self constenly!
Ha! lol. nice 2 know i m not alone!
yep. I am a health hazard to myself and anyone walking within 10 ft of me.
Yeah! i almost die everyday! lol!
yeah i do that all the time expecially in gym
yes it does i even have one of my doctors for my back tell me that i have to work on balance and hand eye cordination
i remember this one time i went in and i have really bad back problems and m,y doc asked if it was fine if he had a job shadower come and watch i said it was fine and the guy ended up being really cute, so he had this test i had to do to test my balance and he asked me to do it multiple time so i did and everytime i would fall and make a fool of myself and the guy was laughina at me i was so embarassed
Lol! I'll be in my room and trip over my own feet! Also I've been in my driveway walking to the car and I'll just fall and land fl;at on my face and scream! My neighbors will look at me and be like "are you ok??!!" and I just blush smile and say "yay"! I also was was pushed and stumble and almost stepped on my crushes feet! Of course my friend did it on perpose! Knowing it would happen!


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