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Does anyone but me get hurt on a daily basis? I mean not only other people phisically hurt you, but mostley it's self-inflicted. Anyone? I mean sometimes I wonder if I could be Bella's twin with the things that happen to me. I mean, I can be really graceful, but most of the time I'm really clumsy. I even hurt other people on accident, and they hate me for it. So does this happen to anyone else?

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Lol!!! Not alone my friendd!! I am a hazard to those around me!!!!!! Lol!!!!
Lol every day! i hav brusies all over me cuz of my clumzyness
i'm always knocking someone's books at school by accident, constantly cutting my hands with my own nails by accident (like washing dishes for example o.o)
constantly triping on nothing, or my friends, always come up with bruises that i never know where they come from..
oh, and my balance isn't that good either :S
.. does that count? lol
Of course it has. I get into to so many jurys with practically everyone (mostly my sister out of all) to get self-inflicted. Surly, sometimes I hope they regret for hating me that way when it was just a simlpe, repeative slip.
yea thats me it's unusal to see me without a cut or brusie my friends won't even let me have a cup of water cause i tend to trip and fall and spill water and other thigns on them
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, don't worry. Yes times one million you could ask ALL of the people in my class this year. I hit my teacher cuz I was talking with my hands!
You descibed me perfectly. :D
all da tme and not purposely and i do also end up hurtn ppl by accident and feeln really bad cuz dey get mad @ me and ask y im so damn clumsy
It happens to me!!!!!!!!!

Most of my friends have decided to stay a "safe" distance of 4-5 feet away at all times. Those who don't are as clumsy as I am and are likely to fall with me no matter how far away we are.
Yes!!! I'm worse than Bella!


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