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Does anyone but me get hurt on a daily basis? I mean not only other people phisically hurt you, but mostley it's self-inflicted. Anyone? I mean sometimes I wonder if I could be Bella's twin with the things that happen to me. I mean, I can be really graceful, but most of the time I'm really clumsy. I even hurt other people on accident, and they hate me for it. So does this happen to anyone else?

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yea i fall on my friends like every day they say i'm a hazard to everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
lol! good 2 know i m not alone.
You mean there are people in the world who don't have something clumsy every day?
idk. lol!
yes none of my friends trust me with knive or on any type of moving thing baccliclly anything that can infilc pain and i am always running into stuff
lol! me 2! my fam and my rents don't even trust me wit a hose!
I do. My friends call me "Hazrdose Hailey!!!" I run into walls and I see there right there. I don't do it on perpose either. My friends don't evn trust me with a spoon.
lol1 dito. once i turned and completley busted my lip on a!
yea trust me i do that evryday!! and im not tryin 2 brag or anything or trying 2 b cool or somthin i rly am clumsy today i fell trying 2 kick a volleyball in the air it was soooo funny thou but it hurt
lol. i had 2 run backwards at soccer practice and slipped on the grass and fell. i laughed at myself but i waz still embarassed.:}
these things tend to happen to me a lot n my friends dont with an object or being too close to a wall
yeah i m alone wit my friends. none of this happens 2 them.


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