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have you ever laugh at something tht happen yesterday,last week,or even an hour ago.just like out of of noway u think of it and u start laughing

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yes i have, i think.
Yes, and it is so embarrasing because nobody else knows what you are laughing at and if they did it would only be funny to yourself. So it looks like you are laughing at nothing.
ya i know huh?
oh that sucks
i do that all the time especially during school so im sitting in class and i just start cracking up and i get weird stares from everyone
duh. who hasn't? lol
I laugh at things that like happened years ago, my brain just kinda floats away and thinks of the weirdest things, like a couple days ago I thought of when my cousins had a pear and banana eating contest and that happen 2 years ago! And it's so bad in school, cause I wont be paying attention and I just bursted out laughing so the teachers like me best cause they think I'm laughing at something they thought they did really funny! :)
yes oce in class i did that wen my teacher called on me it was sooo funny every1 laughed
yea i do that all the time my mom was sitting w/ me the other day and i start laughing out of nowhere and my mom was ilike what? i was like nothing i just remembered somethign that happened like last week it was sooo funny


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