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Have you ever managed (like Bella) to clip the back of your head and the person's in front of you with a bandminton racket?

I have .... twice!

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wow that was a really random question!
Yup .... random's my middle name (and last)
Yep,I did it to my gym teacher by accident it was really funny. Cuz I was using my hands to talk (Like I always do) and I hit her. I laughed then she gave me a lecture. Then I hit a guy named Collin on purpose.
actually i did that just a few days ago. i got to sit out after that so i was happy. :]!
not with a badmitton racket. witha a paddleball paddle! i hit a guy in the head. then on the back swing i hit myself in the ribs! i'm balla all the way!!!
yeah... it was pretty entertaining.
yes.....3 retarted.....poor me...
Don't worry. You'r not the only one.
yea but not a badmitton racket a tennis racket
Oh, there was this one time where I was at my softball game, and the girl who was hitting before me got hurt, and they had to call out a pinch runner. When I was up, I thought the pinch runner was already out there, so I started taking practice swings (just my luck: metal bat). So, of course, the pinch runner, who happens to be the widely-renowned best female athlete in the area, isn't out there yet and walks out of the duggout (sorry if I spelled that wrong) right when I'm swinging. And, of course, it whacks her in the arm.

She said it was okay, but, after the game, I saw her rubbing her arm and asking her parents for an ice pack.

As you can see, I am a complete and utter idiot.

awhhh :[
lmao nope, not yet! i do tennis though, and sometimes i hit people....oops ;]


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