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omg ive ran in to a glass door when i was lil and its was like on those comershals(sorry i speeled that wrong) and i hit my head and feel back wards and laught and laugh and i even lauh at it the next day in class when some one said they almost rran in to the door lol!!!!

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i know right lol
i run in to them when they are all the way open
i run in to anything but mostly doors
i have french doors in my house and i run into them all the time. but my mom's room has a wood door, and i went in there to get a jacket for her and it hit the door. and it hurt. i don't know how i didn't see the door! it was painted lime green! but i hit it! and my brother has the room right beside my mom's and he was haveing a bunch of friends over. and when i hit my head they all came out of his room to see what had happened. i was so embrassed, becuase one of his friends was a guy i liked. then when i was going into the liveing room to give my mom the jacket i hit my head off the door frame! i had a major head ache.
haha i ran into a door 2 days ago
I have when the bell rang to end 4th period and I was in such a hurry to get to lunch that I ran straight into the door. Everyone started laughing!! SO embarrasing!!!! It made me feel a little better when a couple days later, another person did the same thing! LOL!!!!!! =-P

i rain in to a stablizing cable for a telaphone pole and i went flyying 3feet and this was about 3 weeks ago and i still have the brouse and cut from it and when i landed i landed on my ribs so i know have a cracked rib and a pulled mucle


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