The Twilight Saga

omg ive ran in to a glass door when i was lil and its was like on those comershals(sorry i speeled that wrong) and i hit my head and feel back wards and laught and laugh and i even lauh at it the next day in class when some one said they almost rran in to the door lol!!!!

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OMG. i did that just a few days ago. its hurt and it was at home so my parents started laughing at me. its wasn't funny, at first but then i started laughing with them too.
lol ya
wow lol
and you think you push when you pull so you just walk in to it
yes... I have even ran into a wall.
ya sometimes i do that to
but hey im blond so lol
more than once... LOL! :)
i do that to
ya me to i hit my sholders alot
me to


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