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i need another moderator, so if you would like to be one, could you list
1) Why you would like to be one
2) your qualities
3) how many times you get on here
4) why i should pick you
i really need some help on here, im swamped here and in real life so its hard for me to get on...

ok, this was waaaayyyyy harder than i thought it would be! i had it narrowed down to 2 people, and i chose...

Laura Clearwater!

so, thank you everyone who entered!

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thanx L= if i dont get any more entries u might get it lol
1) I need some thing 2 do!!!
2) kind, caring, bored
3) every day i think
4) it would give me something 2 do!!!
1 I don't like people who bad mouth others and ruin it for everyone
2 I'm fair but strict , kind , have a sense of humor , honest
3 nearly everyday unless I'm sick or have appointments
4Because I'm not afraid to be fair or strict and I can take it all in my wake
1) Because I love running groups. It's really fun, and I can keep the peace in this group!
2) I'm kind, smart, fair, and kind of a control freak.
3) Well, I'm leaving for a two week trip today but other than that I'm on every single day. I'll probably get on for the first week of this trip anyway!
4) Because I'm loyal and I will never skip out on you! :)
(1)Because Ive done this before on other sites
(2)Im always calm and I dont get angry easilly
(3)I get on here almost every day.If Im not on here either my computer is being stupid or I had to go somewhere
(4)Because Im loyal,listen to commands,and I will always agree with you.
1. Im on here all the time. :]
2. Im not a crazy person, who yells at people for no reason.
3. Everyday! AndI spend most my dad on here. :]
4. Im good with people and im on here all the time. :]
1. Because I have aloooooooot of Bella Moments ;) And I spend alot of time in here and I would love to scold people who user bad words or are mean ;)))))

2. Im clumsy, nice, outgoing, happy, friendly....

3. Everyday I can...I promaise...

4. It would give me something to do while im here and I think it would be really cool :D
what is a moderator??? i might be intrested i am here almost everyday except like saturdays but i might be able to help i come often and sometimes i skip a day or two but you no you should pick me because i can be trusted and i'd love two help anyone
who was the other person?
What do moderators do?
congaulation Laura clearwater:) i really mean it.......... have fun with it.......

1) I love what I do at all times.


3)Twilight is my favorite

4)I love it



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